VN Video Editor for iOS

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VN (for iOS and macOS) makes it simple to organize your footage and produce amazing videos. When you use VN to edit the various moments you’ve taken or filmed, they’ll look even better. You can simply edit 4K videos, create high-quality videos, and enjoy the creative process.

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VN Video Editor Features

● The operation that is both humane and practical:

  • You Get What You See: The majority of the editing instructions are presented on the track in the VN editor, responding promptly to your requests.
  • Multi-Track Editing: Multi-track content with keyframe animation can be added to VN for use.
  • Expansion of the User Interface: The user interface is well-equipped with extensible features and works seamlessly on your screens, saving you space!

● Editing is simpler:

  • Versatile Operation: Editing videos with VN is a breeze. Select video clips, add music, special effects, and subtitles, and you’re done. VN also supports 4K, which makes it easier to create high-resolution videos. To make your movie more creative, you can use features like picture-in-picture, masking, and blending modes.
  • Seamless Connection: VN (Mobile Phone and macOS) are designed to function together in a seamless manner. You can begin editing videos on your iPhone and then use AirDrop to send the files to your iPad or Mac to finish the job.
  • Draft Saving: VN enables non-destructive editing and saves each operation step for you, letting you continue working on incomplete videos.

● Audio Editing:

  • BeatsClips: Simply tap the symbol to identify the rhythm, allowing your films to come to the point where the background music begins.
  • Multi-Segment Editing: Music fades in and out, allowing you to effortlessly create J Cut and L Cut effects.

● More Efficient Material:

  • Free Import: VN now supports the import of additional free materials. Through the zip, you may quickly import and use music, sound effects, fonts, LUTs filters, and sticker materials to enrich your video editing workstation.
  • Efficient Management: You can organize your materials by creating media folders. It is more convenient for you to efficiently organize resources.

● Filter for movies:

  • Preset Filters: VN includes various filters that enhance the cinematic quality of your video and give it a few blockbuster vibes.
  • Import LUT Filters: You can import a large number of LUT FILTERS from YouTube or Google to bring your videos closer to perfection.

● Inventive Special Effects:

  • Curved Speed: In addition to allowing you to adjust speeds as you like, VN also supports CURVED SPEED, allowing you to create highly dynamic effects with ease. Furthermore, VN provides you with six predefined curves.
  • Keyframe Animation: You may simply create animation effects by adding keyframes to films, images, stickers, text, and other resources. VN also includes 19 different types of “animation” presets.
  • Freeze Frame: To create a time pause effect, select any frame of your video and hit the icon to generate a 1.5s image.

● Creative Text Effect:

  • Built-in Subtitles: VN comes with a number of built-in subtitle styles, all of which can be customized in terms of text size, position, and angle. You can change the color of the text to whatever you choose.
  • Text Editing: You can adjust the content duration, split the text, and more using text editing.
  • Adding Fonts: You can add whatever fonts you like.

● High-Quality Sharing:

  • Customizable parameters: You can choose the output resolution, frame rate, and bit rate, as well as export 4K and 60FPS videos.
  • Quick Export: The export speed is quite quick, and you may immediately post it on YouTube or TikTok!
macOS 10.15.6 (or higher) is required.

What's new in this version

  1. Picture-in-picture track parameter control panels are supported.
  2. Bugs have been resolved, and performance has been improved.