How To Add B-Roll In VN Video Editor

After that, we’ll bring in the B-roll film. To do so, hover your mouse over the B-roll footage symbol above the main footage track. Then choose Stocks.

Imported clips are those that have already been uploaded to the project. So, tap the B-roll clips you’d like to include.

It will be on a different layer if you import B-roll material this way rather than with the primary footage. This makes it quite simple to edit. In the preview box, the B-roll clip will show on top of the primary film. This clip can be moved around, made smaller or larger, and even rotated.

Typically, we will just increase the video to fill the entire screen. Then, in the editing timeline, cut the B-roll film to only use the video you desire.

You can split this clip or cut it down by dragging the handles. Simply click and drag the clip across the timeline to modify its position.

The magnetic timeline is an extremely nice feature in VN Video Editor. This means that if you put a B-roll clip on the timeline, it will be linked to the main footage clip beneath it. The B-roll clip will appear when you click and move the primary film clip.

This is useful if you decide to rearrange your clips later but the B-roll material is still relevant.

So now is the time to add in all of your B-roll films.

Then it’s time to finish your video by adding titles and text.

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