How To Adjust Speed In VN Video Editor

If you want to make any changes to speed, select a clip and then go to Speed in the bottom menu.

You can alter the speed of the clip by adjusting the slider bar under Regular. This is the normal speed control option.

However, there’s a whole other level of speed control in this!

You can really tune in your speed control if you go to Curve.

You’ve got the ability to change between ⅛ x speed and 8x speed.

You could have the beginning of the clip play at 8x speed, the middle at 36% speed, and the finish at 450 % speed by tweaking the curve.

As a result, you have a great deal of control and may completely modify the speed pattern.

There are even some settings in this section. You can select features such as Jump Cut, Montage, and Hero Time by pressing the Preset button.

As a result, you can apply these adjustments to perfectly match your change.

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