How To Add Text In VN Video Editor

Tap the Text icon above the B-roll film track at the start of the editing timeline.

Name & Description, Frame, and Video Title are just a few of the fantastic presets available.

The preset you want to include will be added to the timeline as a clip.

In the preview window, there will also be an editable text box. Simply put into the text box to insert your text. You can also drag or tap the Resize icon in the bottom right corner to adjust the text box’s position and size.

Additional text adjustments can be made in the bottom menu bar:

  • The T icon: Your text’s preset can be changed.
  • The Aa icon: Font and font size can be changed.
  • Color icon: Select a text color, a background color, and letter spacing, as well as add effects like a drop shadow.

Tap the Tick icon in the bottom right corner whenever you’re satisfied with the title.

You can alter the duration of the clip by dragging the handles, just like you can with any other clip on the timeline. Tap and drag the text clip to the location where you want it to play.

Select the text clip and press Edit if you want to make changes to the text at any moment.

Adding Text Animations:-

You can also make the title animated. Select Motion from the text clip.

You can use this area to add effects to:

  • In Animation: The appearance of the words on the screen.
  • Out Animation: Off-screen appearance of the text.
  • Loop Animation: Animation that repeats itself.

Fade, scale, slide, gradient, and other effects are available.

The duration of the effect can be adjusted using the slider bar at the bottom.

After you’ve finished, touch the Tick icon to save your changes.

Let’s now create transitions between the clips.

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