VN Video Editor App Interface

Let’s take a look at the VN Video Editor app interface to familiarize yourself with the tools and where they are placed.

You can change the format of your movie by clicking the Original option in the top menu bar. The frame ratio will default to the format of your footage if you leave it on Original.

You may adjust the frame ratio to fit YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and other unique dimensions.

You can playback your video project in the preview window.

Editing takes place on the editing timeline. Music, titles, graphics, footage, principal audio, all of your video’s parts have their own tracks.

You can play your video, skip to the conclusion of your project, or skip to the beginning of your project using the media controls.

Swiping on your device will allow you to scroll across the timeline. You can click and drag or use the keyboard if you’re using a computer.

All of the tools, filters, and effects are accessible from the bottom menu bar.

It’s time to trim down your footage now that your primary material has been uploaded and you’ve become accustomed with the UI.

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