How To Adjust Audio Levels In VN Video Editor

When it comes to modifying audio levels throughout a video project, you usually have to mute the music audio first and then set the major audio levels.

VN Video Editor, on the other hand, provides a really amazing function that lets you do both in one window.

To access the project volume, press Volume in the bottom menu bar. Video Volume and BGM Volume are the two components here (background music volume). First, go to BGM Volume and set it to zero.

Then return to Video Volume and adjust it to the proper level. We’ve discovered that 100 percent is usually perfect, but depending on how your audio was recorded, you may need to make it louder or quieter.

After you’ve got your Video Volume right, go to BGM Volume and tweak it till it sounds good with your Video Volume.

As previously said, a beginning point of roughly 30% is a reasonable place to start, but this can vary depending on the course.

When you’ve got your audio levels exactly right, tap the Tick icon to apply it to just one clip. Alternatively, you may tap Apply to all to apply it to all of the clips on your timeline.

If your B-roll or overlay material involves audio, you’ll probably want to turn it off. To do so, hold down the Volume button while tapping the clip.

Press the Tick symbol after dragging the slider bar to zero. If you select Apply to everyone, your entire project will be muted! As a result, you’ll need to alter each of the B-roll clips separately.

Now let’s look at the color effects and make any necessary adjustments to the colors in your film.

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