How To Color Grade In VN Video Editor

To color grade, your project, go to the bottom menu and select Filter from the first clip on your timeline. You can apply a variety of filters and presets to your video in this section. Consider these to be Instagram filters.

If you find one that you like, feel free to use it. You can, however, choose a filter and adjust it, or start from scratch.

Make sure Original is selected under Filter if you want to start from the beginning. Then select Adjust. There are a plethora of options in this section that you may experiment with to get the right appearance for your film.

The following are the key ones we adjust (in this order):

  • Exposure
  • The temperature of the color
  • Vibrance
  • Contrast

Simply tap and hold on the screen if you want to see the original version (before any changes were made).

Tap Apply to all after you’re through modifying. All of your primary film clips will now have this color effect applied to them.

You may alter the colors of your B-roll clips using the same method. Simply select the clip, navigate to Filters in the bottom menu bar, and make any necessary adjustments.

That’s the end of the editing process!

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