How To Edit In VN Video Editor

There are a number of various ways to cut or edit footage with this software, just as in any other video editing app.

It may make more sense to use one over the other at times, or you may discover that one tool is more suited to your editing style. So we’ll go over all of your alternatives with you.

You’ll notice a white line running from top to bottom at the beginning of your movie. The playback indicator is this.

After any preparations or mistakes, align the playing indication where you want the film to start before the good footage begins.

Then, on the bottom menu bar, press the Split button. You’ll now have two clips, one on the left with terrible video and the other on the right with what you have left.

To delete the first clip, select it and press the Delete button. The video will now begin at the place where you split it.

To go to the finish of your footage, press the Skip button. At the end of the clip, you can now eliminate any unneeded footage.

This time, let’s use the Drag approach. Yellow handles will appear on either side of the clip when you tap it.

Drag the handle to the desired finish point for the video. At that point, the video will now end. To deselect the clip, simply tap it off.

These tools can be used to cut away unwanted video throughout the entire project. Simply create a Split at the point where the terrible footage starts. Then either build a second Split where the terrible film ends and remove the middle clip, or make a third Split where the good footage ends and delete the middle clip. You can also drag the handles to eliminate the unwanted footage.

PRO TIP: Look at the audio bar to determine whether your footage has any extended pauses. This usually means you’ll want to delete footage when you took a break or made a mistake and had to start over. This is a simple method for locating footage that has to be deleted.

Now go over your footage and cut out any bad takes, mistakes, or stuff you don’t want in the finished video.

As you go through this process, make sure you’re pushing Play and watching the footage. This will enable you to tighten up the clips and produce a high-quality cut.

PRO TIP: At the end of your video, remember to erase the VN Video Editor clip. To delete a clip, simply select it and press the Delete key.

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