How To Change The Video Format In VN Video Editor

Another feature we like about VN Video Editor is how simple it is to change your video’s format.

Let’s say you wish to use your YouTube video on another platform, such as TikTok. Change the Frame Ratio to the TikTok preset by tapping Original in the top menu bar.

Your video will then be resized to fit that format.

If you convert a widescreen video to a TikTok format, the widescreen will be reduced to fit in the portrait mode, with the rest of the screen blurred.

You have even more control on the appearance of this. Select a clip and press the bottom menu bar’s BG (background) button.

You can change the degree of blur in the backdrop here, as well as make the background a solid or gradient color.

You can even change the clip’s size. It can be scaled up to become a full-screen video with no background if you pinch to zoom in.

Then select Apply to All to make your entire TikTok video ready (or whichever platform ratio you selected).

PRO TIP: It’s a good idea to leave space above and below the video so that buttons, comments, and other features don’t obscure anything vital when you upload it.

Simply hit the Frame Ratio option in the top menu and pick Original to restore your movie to its original state.

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