How To Add Music In VN Video Editor

Over the Text track, tap the Music icon. You can choose from three options: music, sound effects, or recording.

While many apps incorporate music and sound effects, we strongly advise you to use a platform with royalty-free music that you know will cover all of your licensing needs.

That’s why we utilize Artlist or Epidemic Sound for all of our music in our videos.

Go to My Music to upload your own music that you’ve downloaded from a reputable source. Select Import from File App from the More menu. Then press Use when you’ve selected your track.

An Options window will show before the music clip is uploaded to your timeline. Your music clip’s length, volume, fade in time, and fade out time can all be adjusted here.

As a general rule, we start with a 30 percent volume level for all background music. Later, you can adjust the volume to the ideal level.

Beats is another extremely interesting element here. If you’re making a video and want to edit your clips to the beat, this is fantastic. You may use the Beats feature to keep track of the beat throughout the song.

To do so, first press Beats, then Play. Tap the Flag symbol while the music is playing to add a marker. Then you may use these markers to make sure you’re cutting on the beat when you’re editing.

When you click the Tick symbol, your music track will appear as a clip on the timeline. The film segments can then be lined up with markers.

By dragging the handles, you may change the length of the clip. Simply tap the clip to make any changes. Go to Beats to add more markers, Volume to adjust volume levels, and Options to change the original settings.

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