How To Add Effects In VN Video Editor

Select one clip on the editing timeline, and you’ll see a Plus button between it and the one next to it.

The transitions panel will appear as a result of this action. There are general transitions such as Dip to Black, Dissolve, and Zoom under Base transitions. There are a few more strange options under Matte transitions, such as Zebra, Swirl, and Memory.

We don’t generally use transitions like this between clips that have the same look.

Instead, in the first or second clip, we propose gradually zooming in. It’ll nearly appear as if you employed a second camera angle. Instead of having a hard cut, it’s a terrific method to break up your information.

To do so, go to the bottom menu bar and select the second clip, then Crop. Then, to zoom in, either pinch and zoom or drag the corners. This is a subtle effect, so you don’t need to zoom in too much.

To avoid the changeover being jarring or misleading for the viewer, make sure the person’s eyes are aligned in both clips.

Select the clip and press Motion to apply transitions to your B-roll film. These are the same text animations that we utilized previously. Simply tap the Tick symbol after selecting an effect.

Add any transitions or zoom effects to the rest of your project now.

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